Solar Panels

capture energy from the sun and help power exterior lighting

Triple Glazed Windows

help maintain consistent temperature and keep exterior noise to a minimum

District Energy

recycles heat from the existing buildings and uses it to heat the new office & residential towers

Rainwater Capture System

recycles rainwater for graywater and irrigation

Exterior Terraces

on 6 different levels allow for convenient access to the outdoor environment

Raised Floor

features a displacement ventilation system allowing for 100% fresh air supply

Electric Car

charging stations in the parking garage support hybrid cars

Building Overview

Every aspect of TELUS garden’s architecture, mechanical design and energy resource utilization provides next-generation energy saving solutions. The numerous sustainability features include a district energy system, triple-pane curtain wall design, operable windows, 100% outside-air supply, radiant heating and cooling, solar panels, amongst other innovative technologies to reduce the buildings footprint. The net result?.

Innovation & Design

TELUS garden was designed to utilize technologies that would contribute towards a solution to the biggest threat of our generation: global warming. We believe that we all have a responsibility to do the right thing.


TELUS garden is designed to reduce CO2 emissions by over 1,000,000kgs annually, equivalent to planting 400,000 trees each year.