Cultural Content

90% of the content on the screen will be commissioned, licensed or donated Cultural content. A video will continue to loop in approximate 20 minute increments, depending on the length of the piece(s). 25% of the 90% Cultural content will be for brand recognition for the Tenants that call TELUS Garden home. The 25% translates into both screen time and area. There will be no 3rd party advertising.

Community Content

The remaining 10% will be dedicated to Civic content to be used by the City of Vancouver for public service announcements or community engagement.

Content Control

All content is be vetted by a curatorial board made up from the Warrington PCI Management and TELUS partnership including an independent party with a history of involvement in the Arts.

Digital Management

The content for the screen will be managed through the onsite TELUS TV Studios, which has production studios available to manage the digital compilation